Chicken DIY Guides Frustrated by...

... The high cost of a pre-built
chicken coop?

...The lack of complete (from start to finish) Chicken Coop Plans?

... The lack of Chicken Coop Plans that have easy step-by-step instructions that the average homeowner can follow?


"I Thought Raising Chickens In My Backyard Was a Great Idea, Until I saw the cost of a pre-built Chicken Coop"

A good friend of mine, Jim Stanley, has been a poultry farmer for over 25 years. Every time the kids and I would visit his farm, they would bug me for weeks to raise our own chickens. A few years ago they finally wore me down and I started looking into raising chickens in my backyard.

Just like you, I started with an online search to see where I could buy a chicken coop.

I was shocked to see how much it cost for a pre-built chicken coop. The prices ranged from $500 on up to the thousands (and this didn’t even include installation). I wasn’t about to pay that kind of money, not even close. I was disappointed in my findings and was about to inform the kids that we weren’t going to raise chickens, until I talked to my friend Jim.

Jim hadn’t built a coop in years, but he too was shocked by the cost of a pre-built chicken coop. As I continued my research, I realized I wasn’t alone. People were opting not to buy pre-built chicken coops, but were building their own.

Video - What you MUST Know about Chicken Coops...

Can You Build Your Own Chicken Coop?

I had no idea that thousands of people were building chicken coops in their backyard. But where were they getting their plans? I collected various drawings and ‘do it yourself ideas’ but nothing was very organized. I purchased a few guides, but all were either incomplete or you needed to be a carpenter to understand the steps. Even with my engineering background these plans all left gaps that were tough to fill.

I contacted my friend Jim, and we decided that with his poultry background and my engineerng background that we could design a chicken coop plan for the everyday average person.

Now You Don't have to Be Frustrated. ChickenDIYguides designed Chicken Coop Plans with the Following Goals in Mind:

Easy To Construct With Common Hand Tools So Those With Little Prior Carpentry Experience Can Accomplish
Easy Step-by-Step Instructions So That Anyone Can Easily Follow
Clever Design and Simple Construction So Techniques Are Not Complex
Built From Inexpensive Common Materials So It Would Be Available At Any Local Hardware Store
Raised From Ground Level So The Chickens Would Be Safe From
Predators and Cold Damp Soil
Make Egg Collection and Cleaning Easy So Everyday Tasks Would
Not Be Back-Breaking
Attractive Appearance So You Will Not Offend Neighbors
Plans Can Be Scaled So You Can Accommodate More
Hens If So Desired
Easily Customizable Design So You Could Add Your Own Creativity

"Now There is a Guide That Walks You Through an Easy Step-by-Step Process of Building an Inexpensive Chicken Coop."

Jim and I have designed several Chicken Coops that Meet all the Goals we set forth above. You no longer have to pay and arm and a leg for a Chicken Coop nor spend many frustrating days on the internet looking for complete and understandable plans. We Have taken care of that for you!

How much money can you save?

For too many years your only option was to renovate an old shed or buy a pre-build chicken coop. A pre-built chicken coop with installation normally costs over $1,000.

But now with the help of this detailed “Chicken Coop” guide you can join the revolution of Do It Yourselfer's who figured out how to cheaply build their own Chicken Coop.

This DIY Guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of constructing a chicken coop and chicken run. You can easily do it for less then $100 if you do a little extra work in collecting materials, so savings from hundreds to thousands of dollars are possible.

Before you start...

Before you try to build your own chicken coop, you need to have the right tools and you need to have the step-by-step process that we explain in this guide. We made it a personal mission to create the best chicken coop guide available. Between Jim’s experience and my engineering background plus months of research on the internet looking for the best ideas and designs for building chicken coops, we have completed our mission to create the best chicken guide available.

We have put all of these ideas into one simple and easy to follow "Build Your Own Chicken Coop" guide. With the fully illustrated process even the Non-Do it Yourselfer can quickly learn how to build their own chicken coop.

Chicken Coop Diagram

What if I’m not the “Handyman Type”?

No problem, everything is broken down into Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Instructions. I’ve been told by numerous people that the guide was able to take even the most difficult carpentry construction methods and distill it down to simple and easy steps that even complete beginners can easily follow.

And don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself “technically inclined”, this guide will show you how to do it step by step. And we won’t leave you alone! There is a list of resources and support to help you with your project all the way until it is completed.

Once you open this detailed "do it yourself guide" you will see exactly how to build your own chicken coop.

Step-by-Step pictures, diagrams and schematics show you how everything is done. There is even a Video Library so you can see instructional videos pertaining to the chicken coop world.

We have even included a wood cutting diagram that allows you to pre-cut and pre-label all of your wood so that the guide is very simple to follow.

We have several groups of high school and college students working on DIY Chicken Coops right now. And hey, if they can do it, then you can do it!

What is Included in the
Chicken DIY Guide?

ChickenDIYguides This complete
"Do It Yourself"
Chicken Coop guide
has two parts...
#1 DIY Guide

The DIY Chicken Coop Guide

All guides are presented with simple step-by-step instructions on how to build a Chicken Coop from scratch. These instructions are assisted by images and technical sketches to enhance the users understanding of the building process.

We have easy step-by-step designs for four categories of Chicken Coops (Small – Midsize – Large – Portable).

Three Categories of Coops:

Designed to be tucked away in your backyard without taking up too much space.

This Category accommodates up to 5-7 chickens.
Small Chicken Coop



Designed for those who are ready to take on more chickens but still don’t want to lose half their yard to the cause.

This Category accommodates up to 8-12 chickens.
Small Chicken Coop



Designed for those who are taking their love of chickens to a new level. Whether your starting an egg selling business or just supplying the family.

This Category accommodates up to 16-24 chickens.



Portable Coops- Designed for the coop on the move. Don't want to be tied down to one spot in your yard? This coop is for you. Move your coop to accomodate changing seasons or just a change of mind!

#2 DIY Guide

Special Reports
you must have before beginning your Chicken Coop Project:

Small Chicken Coop Box 1st Chicken City Ordinances Guide

Quickly learn what your City says about your Chicken Coop project. City Ordinances are changing rapidly, you need to know the rules and regulations BEFORE you begin your project.

Small Chicken Coop Box2nd 6 Things You Must Do Before Building a Chicken Coop

You might be excited to get started with your DIY project, but don’t even open the tool box until you read this important report.

Bonus Material!

For those who are ready to get started today with their DIY Chicken Coop, the following bonus is for you.

We are about to start selling the following bonus materials as their own product. But until we get all that set up, I’m going to include it with your purchase today.  I expect we will be removing this bonus in the next day or two.  

DIY Guide (Bonus!)

“Video Library”

This is a must have for your Raising Chicken Education!

We have put together some of the most informative and helpful online videos you will find anywhere.

Here is a sampling of some of the videos you can watch in our Online Video Library:

1. Winterizing Your Coop
2. Egg Catching Nesting Box
3. Automatic Watering System
4. Chicken Feed Tips
5. When Can Chickens Lay Eggs
6. Info About Eggs
7. Info About Chicken Nests

DIY Guide (Bonus!)

We’ve written 4 Special Reports that will help you have healthy and happy chickens for years to come. We’ve included both the basics as well as techniques that only experts with years of experience raising chickens know and use. Enjoy these 4 special reports when you order today.

Small Chicken Coop Box

#1 Guide

Learn to Talk Chicken A-Z

Down to the basics, this report helps explain the common terms and phrases used by those raising chickens. Quick reference for terms such as: Sex Link, Molting, Grit, Candling, etc.

Small Chicken Coop Box

#2 Guide

Learn Which Chicken Breed is best for your Lifestyle and Climate

Whether you are in a freezing climate or have year round heat, you’ll want to read this special report on which chickens are best for your individual situation.

Small Chicken Coop Box

#3 Guide

How to Build an Incubator andIncubate your Chicks

Get an early start on good chicken handling with this special report that shows the ins and outs of building and using incubators the right way.

Small Chicken Coop Box

#4 Guide

How to Build a Chicken Brooder and Requirements of Brooding Chicks

The critical few days of each chicken’s life needs special attention and expertise. You’ll find the ideas on building and using brooders to help your new chick’s along their way to becoming healthy and happy chickens.

5 Good Reasons To Get
Your Chicken DIY Guide

1. It Works! Thousands of people have successfully built their own Chicken Coop

2. Saves Money – you save money when you don’t have to spend $thousands$ on a "retail chicken coop"

3. GO GREEN – Do your part to stop the mishandling of chickens in commercial battery cages!

4. Produce your own Eggs – No eggs taste better (or are healthier) then fresh eggs from your backyard.

5. It’s Fun – just wait until your friends and family see what you have created! Testimonial

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If You Get Stuck...
Use our "Technical Support Center"

Frustrated If you get stuck or have any questions, we want to help. We want to see you succeed and tell your friends about ChickenDIYguides. Let’s face it, when your kids friends see the chickens in your backyard, they will be begging you for information on how to order this guide.
Apart of our ongoing support to you, we provide a comprehensive list of resources and support. This includes an interactive forum where you can ask your most detailed questions and get answers quickly.

Customer Coop Contest Monthly Winner

Congratulations goes out to Mark A. In Norwich CT. who has won this months top ChickenDIYguide plan coop picture.


Who will win next month? It could be you!

Whether you are just getting started or have been raising chickens for years, enjoy our guides and hope they make your life much easier!

Now the fun begins!

Mary Nelson

P.S. Our guide was designed with simplicity and cost in mind giving you a step-by-step process to help you be successful in building a chicken coop. Please take advantage of our discounted low price today to keep your costs in check. This discount will only last for a few days.

P.P.S Become the newest member of thousands of people who are becoming urban chicken raisers. This Urban Chicken Movement is coming to a neighborhood near you. Make you neighbors jealous by being the first to produce your own eggs.

P.P.P.S Remember, purchasing this guide is risk free. You are backed by a 60 day, 100% money back Guarantee! No questions asked! If you are not happy with your guide just ask for your money back!


ChickenDIYGuides is in PDF format and can be downloaded instantly after payment! Even if it is 3am.

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